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40.00 EGP

Chicken slices marinated in Zeem’s shawerma spices with tomato, onion,...

5 in stock

Chicken Biryani

530.00 EGP

long grain Basmati rice with boneless chicken cubes.

7 in stock

Shrimp Biryani

630.00 EGP

long grain Basmati rice with shrimps.

14 in stock

Veggie Biryani

350.00 EGP

long grain Basmati rice with vegetables mix

12 in stock

Grilled Quails

270.00 EGP

This is your chance to become a quail lover!

20 in stock

Zeem Rice Tajin

510.00 EGP

Zeem's Rice Tajin will take you to those old days...

5 in stock

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